Silence.  Sometimes the silence we keep inside over the loss of a child can be deafening.

It's hard being a childless mother, father, aunt, uncle, grandparent, family member, or friend.  For many, we feel that our grief is too overwhelming for the rest of the world, so we keep our silence, barely breathing our grief out loud. 

Putting a face on this grief helps us know we are not alone.  That is how “White Signs of Grief” was born.  To be a safe space for those who have lost their child or know someone who has.  A place to remember their spirit, voice their names, share with the world our grief, but also our hope.  Our hope, that we can all grow from our loss and let others know that we are all affected.  Sometimes all we need is to put a face to those who have the courage to share their pain, their truth, or their hope, to know that we will be forever changed but able to survive the loss of our beloved child.  

Please share your “White Sign of Grief” with us. 

Break the silence.