How to Submit Your Photo

Submission guidelines: 

Send a picture of yourself holding a white sign of grief to  It can be an unspoken truth, message of hope, piece of advice, or lessons learned on how to make it through this grief journey.   

Specify in your e-mail submission:
-Child’s name and age
-Your relationship to the child
-Type of loss: miscarriage, pregnancy loss, stillbirth, infant death, accident, or illness
-The sign should be white and the writing clear
-Please keep description to 1 sentence or less

When we receive your submission we will review and edit it for the blog.   Pictures will be published within a week from being submitted.

This is a place for healing, hope, and remembrance.  Whatever you may believe, experience, and live by, "White Signs of Grief" is devoted to tolerance and acceptance.  Please be respectful of the people and the content on this website.